Guillermo Arévalo Pedraza asesinado por agentes gringos

La tarde del lunes 3 de septiembre, Guillermo Arévalo Pedraza salió de su casa ubicada en Tulipan 2133 en la colonia Lomas del Río en la zona poniente de Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, con la idea de que su esposa Nora y sus hijas Priscilla y Mariana pasaran un día especial, ya que celebrarían sus cumpleaños, que por cosa del destino las tres cumplían en la misma fecha.
Protesta Tamaulipas por muerte de Guillermo Arévalo Pedraza
“El gobierno del estado de Tamaulipas expresa su más intensa protesta y lamenta los hechos en que falleció nuestro compatriota Guillermo Arévalo Pedraza en Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas”, expresó el secretario.

Dijo que por los cauces diplomáticos correspondientes, el gobierno del estado espera la pronta investigación de los mismos y el total esclarecimiento de los hechos para que se castigue a los responsables.

Agregó que desde el lunes 3 de septiembre, fecha en que se suscitaron estos hechos en Nuevo Laredo, el gobierno del estado ha tenido contacto con el Consulado de México en la ciudad de Laredo, Texas.

“Se ha pedido a la Patrulla Fronteriza una investigación de los hechos y se ha notificado conforme a los procedimientos establecidos, a nuestra embajada en la ciudad de Washington”, precisó Garza Palacios.

Señaló que la Procuraduría General de Justicia del Estado, a través del Ministerio Público Investigador, recabó la investigación de cinco testigos presenciales de los hechos, quienes coinciden con lo manifestado por la pareja del occiso.

En tal virtud, la Procuraduría tamaulipeca ha declinado la competencia a la Procuraduría General de la República, de conformidad con lo establecido por la ley, toda vez que en la investigación y las averiguaciones que se han hecho, ha quedado fehacientemente acreditado la presunción de que los autores materiales de los hechos son de nacionalidad norteamericana.

“Seguiremos en contacto con las autoridades correspondientes para que por los conductos diplomáticos, se haga la investigación de los hechos exhaustivamente y se castigue a los responsables de estos lamentables acontecimientos”, puntualizó el secretario general de Gobierno.

Chula Vista, California
SAN DIEGO — The father and brother of a 32-year-old San Diego woman who was shot and killed by a U.S. Border Patrol agent Friday in Chula Vista made an emotional plea for answers and justice at a news conference Monday and at a later candlelight vigil.

“I don’t know how to express myself about the death of my daughter,” said Valentin Tachiquin. “All I can say is there are conflicting stories from what the people say, the eyewitnesses, and what the (Border Patrol is saying),” he said.
Valentin Tachiquin speaks to reporters in English and Spanish, pleading for justice for his daughter, Valeria Munique Tachiquin Alvarado, who was shot multiple times Friday in Chula Vista by a plainclothes Border Patrol agent serving a warrant unrelated to Alvarado. — David Brooks
Valeria "Munique" Tachiquin Alvarado

A plainclothes Border Patrol agent clinging to the hood of Valeria “Munique” Tachiquin Alvarado’s moving car shot and killed her while she was driving about 1 p.m. on Moss Street near Oaklawn Avenue, authorities said.

There were several witnesses to the shooting and not all agreed with the Border Patrol’s description of events leading up to the shooting, which has caused the outcry from her family and others.

Chula Vista police are conducting the criminal investigation. Police Capt. Gary Wedge said the department had no new information Monday to release but hopes some details can be shared Tuesday.

The name of the agent who fired the shots is being withheld at this time, Wedge said. The Border Patrol did not return calls Monday about the case.

Border Patrol agents were serving a felony warrant when the agent was struck by Alvarado’s car, Border Patrol Deputy Chief Rodney Scott said Friday. The agent was lodged in the windshield and carried several hundred yards on the hood, he said.

“Fearing for his life, he discharged his weapon to get the vehicle to stop,” Scott said.

The agent was treated at a hospital and released on Saturday.

Alvarado’s family said she was a housewife and mother of five children, ages 4 to 16. She grew up in Chula Vista and lived in Southcrest.

“My daughter was a lovely person, a loving mother, a loving daughter, a good sister. That’s all I can say,” her father said at the news conference organized by Alliance San Diego, a human-rights advocacy group in North Park.

Alvarado deserved better than to die as she did, her brother said.

“As a U.S. citizen, my sister deserves justice,” said Antonio Tachiquin, a U.S. Army reservist who was about to be deployed overseas when his sister was killed. “Even though she’s not here, the family will speak for her. All we want is answers. … Now we, as a family, have to put together the pieces that were torn apart that day.”

Andrea Guerrero, executive director of Alliance San Diego, reminded the public that the Border Patrol was in the Chula Vista neighborhood to serve a felony warrant, but that Alvarado was not the subject of it.

“She was in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Guerrero said. “That could have been any of us.”

Christian Ramirez, the group’s human rights director, urged the Border Patrol to release the name and background of the agent who killed Alvarado, as well as details the agency has learned since the shooting.

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