What is art? by Raúl G. Báez


Maybe there's a spot in your room and you have not wiped it; perhaps, the spot has a very particular form, it could be a blue lake , an endless road, a door to another world, but it is still there. If you've taken a picture with a digital camera or you still have an old Polaroid camera, perhaps some of your pictures failed, but you have them, maybe you only can see shadows, unclear images, unreal people or strange stains. So, you are just in front of a small master piece, why not? Art is not only the oeuvre (work) made by a recognized painter. The Merriam Webster dictionary defines art as: “the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects".
Art classification
The Beaux arts or Fine arts is a term given to dance , poetry, theater, painting, music, sculpturing, and architecture, then other arts were added to the list, like film, which is a visual art and it can be sub-divided in comic, photograph, conceptual arts and in the last years multimedia art as video games, another possible category it could be gastronomy. Craft has caused several opinions, some people say it not art since crafts have made in series, they argue that art is a unique piece, others say handcraft is not an art.
We can say that art is everything, the best idea or concept of art is what you can consider as art.
Creativity is the main element of art, so the only limit it is the own artist's limit. Finally, you can decide what is art to you by using all your senses.
Through the years some remarkable works have become in master pieces; for example, The Mona Lisa (La Gioconda), by Leonardo Da Vinci.



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