Psychic Vampires


Psychic Vampires By Raúl G. Báez
martes 24 de enero de 2012 15:39:09

Christian, around 30, red hair, thin and tall was almost ready to leave, he look at himself in the mirror, fixed his tie and locked his flat door. That day, he had a very important interview, since last year he has been looking for a job opportunity; he was fired up due to the 2009 global crisis. This time, he could be the manager in the best programming computer centre in Dublin city.
The fog in the morning didn’t stop his fast steps, he felt so secure and firm. Some minutes later, he was entering to an office, inside of one of the buildings in Grafton Street. He was invited to take a seat by a mature man who started to ask him questions about his previous jobs experience in programming. Simultaneously, in the next office, another interview was taking place.
Vasile, 24, black hair, a little fat and short. He came from an ancient, traditional and energetic Romanian family. With no experience in computing. He has been looking for a better job, he was tired of working in a convenience store.
Some minutes later, both met in another office, and were given laptops and own desks. Their mission, to develop computing software in two hours. A stressing silence in the room, they regarded each other and said “Hi”. The first 30 minutes they seemed to be very concentrated. But suddenly Christian perceived Vasile glance their deep black eyes looking at him. Inside Vasile’s pupils seamed like two deep holes, during these seconds, Christian saw a kind of flashback. An old man was drinking blood from a tube transfusion, and a nurse was serving more tubes to the old man, the most impressive, the tubes were taken from Christian, but he appeared as a child, he looked pale and tired. Then, Christian closed his eyes, nodded his heat and went back his sight to the computer screen. But Christian, couldn’t concentrate, he started to feel more and more tired, as he had been walking and running all day long.
At 11:45 am, the mature man opened the door and said in a relaxing tone; “time is over”. Christian didn’t finish, in the other desk; Vasile was shutting down his computer. The mature man said. “As soon as we revise your works, we call you, that’s all gentlemen, thanks for coming and good luck.
The first in leaving the office was Vasile, he just said, bye-bye. Christian said no words. He walked slowly down the street, yawning and trying to keep his eyes opened, he stopped in front of a convenience store, he saw an ad, -Help wanted-. He asked about it and bought some mince pies.
The next week, Vasile was working in one of the best computers developing software enterprise. A few blocks from there, Christian was working in a convenience store. He couldn’t believed, a foreigner in his own country and without experience, has a better job than him.




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