5 Steps, 5 finger pitch

  1. Genre: Black comedy
  2. Main protagonist: 33 years old man opera singer
  3. Goal: To success supported by quality 
  4. Obstacle: Pop-Industry is too commercial and no place for opera music
  5. What’s important: In music business the image is more important than quality

Not Very Pop!

Second act

  1. Thumb finger, Original plan: He knows that he deserves something else, to success as an opera singer, tries again to get a contract.

Jesús Pérez tries to be part of a record company as an opera singer.

Pérez: He has musical studies in the Royal Irish Academy of Music, his baritone voice has been recognised by his teachers, and he graduated from there with honours. However, he has not a real job. He works in a church on weekends, he is part of the choir, at the background of the place he is singing with others, supported by a very bad pianist. Pérez is very quiet and has not many friends, as the mass finishes he leaves the church.

And  a few times he has sung on Gafton street, he gets a few money, but he always says, to be on the street is not a real job, he wants something else, he knows that he deserves something else.

He records his demos and sent to the records companies, when they call him back, during the live auditions said his voice is great but there is not a project to record opera, he has to wait. They never call him again.

  1. Index finger, Mid-point action: He starts working in a record company as a sound mixer.

He is very smart, he is a self-taught person, by watching tutorials on Youtube he learnt how to mix music. His ears let him to recognise several musical instruments, mistakes when somebody does not play very well, songs and more. One day he is hired as a sound mixer in a famous record company.

  1. Middle finger, crisis moment & obstacles: He has to bear & deal with really bad pop singers.

Pérez has fun while working, he creates effects and efforts to try to improve pop singers voices, during the recording sessions in the studio. Very bad singes; attractive women and men most of them very silly and vain. He shares the original recordings with his new friends from the recording studio and some friends from school.

He is invited to record his voice in a new release project, he is the main voice in the chorus in one song, but his voice overshadows a teen singer. So, he has himself to erase his voice from the track.

Later,  a handsome singer, in his twenties, is recording his new album, a very popular pop star, he is so excited while singing that crashes strongly against the studio wall and fell down crashing with one recording machine and the cables, Pérez’ coffee cup dropped over the machine, the star passed away. Nobody noticed Jesus was the responsible for having his coffee there.

3rd Act

  1. Fourth finger, change/chance: After the pop star singer accident, Pérez has a chance.

The company tries to find the accident’s cause, they consider it was an accident, the singer dead is not the problem, the album is a business, so they are not willing to lose money from the musical production.

The singer’s manager asked Jesús to show the previous song he sung the chorus, then, the  manager decides Pérez will record the album, for this, the manager’s staff will design a look for him.

  1. Pinky finger, climax: The album “Elektro-Popera” is released but the police wants to take a look at the recording studio.

The album “Elektro-Popera” is released, with a new look Jesús Pérez becomes “Balar Pérez”, suddenly the police men arrive to the company, they ask to take a look at the recording studio.

In this story, Jesús Pérez, a 33 years old man wants to become an opera singer, he knows his voice is outstanding,  however he is not very handsome at all. He has tried several times to have an audition in the record companies  without success. Later, he could get a job as a sound editor in one of these factories. Where business is  focused on pop music and there is no place for opera. During one recording session he provokes incidentally  an accident, the most popular pop singer of the moment passed away.



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